Movie Night

The connection is established.

You step out from a wide circle of light into a dense forest. Behind you, the light tapers up into a thin white pillar that reaches up, up, up, past the canopy of leaves and far beyond your sight. Leading away from the entry terminal is a thin dirt path, winding through the trees and out of sight, lit here and there by tiny lanterns.

You follow the path.

The forest glows somewhere between blue and green, giving the impression that you've arrived in twilight (whether the sun is rising or has just set you can't tell, though it was nearly nighttime in the world you left). Light winds rustle the leaves high above you, and between gusts you can hear the quiet sounds of birdsong. By now the path has meandered through enough trees that the entry terminal is only a brighter patch of foggy glow behind you.

Ahead is the muffled sound of a great host of voices. In the still air, you make out occasional bursts of laughter, or chants, or the rise and fall of a myriad conversations. The lanterns come less frequently now, and the glow of the forest dims slightly. The path curves around a particularly large tree that has been blocking your view forward for some time.

And then you see it.

A large wood and stone building makes itself visible at the end of your trail. Large windows adorn the front, and the familiar flicker of candlelight streams out onto the soft grass. As you walk closer, you start making out details through the windows. Many tables and chairs, with all manner of people sitting at them carrying on conversation. On one end you see a large brick fireplace, around which are scattered pairs or groups huddled together. At the other, larger groups gathered around television screens and monitors, leaning this way and that in intense concentration. Far at the back you can see what looks like a bar, with two figures darting this way and that to serve one of the endless drinks on the wall behind. On either side, dark archways to the forest beyond. Closer still, you can see a sign in front of the building.

BronyState Movie Night Tonight!

At once the various figures become clearer. Some are human, but many are all colors, shapes, and sizes of ponies. Your path disappears into the grass ahead of the entrance, and you arrive at last at a small table with a large open book on top. The stallion behind the table looks up at you with a smile.


You tell him your username, having nearly forgotten it on the long walk up from the entry terminal. He writes it down in the book, and as you walk in he calls back into the tavern that you have arrived. At once, a dozen people, human and pony alike, look up and greet you. Some rush over to hug you, others attempt to launch themselves in your general direction. Now inside, you notice a number of clocks above the bar, each set to different timezones. Below them all, a marquee lists the night's films, and displays a countdown, nearly at zero.

As the tavern's patrons take notice, they start to filter out the back doorways, some stopping at the bar to get a fresh round of drinks, some flickering out of existence for a moment and then back with a relieved smile, but most continuing their conversations as they head outside. You get a drink from one of the unicorn bartenders, then follow the crowd outside.

It opens up massive.

The semicircle of the ampitheater stretches wide in either direction, angling downwards towards a gigantic movie screen, currently displaying a series of men in suits exclaiming "It's Friday night!" It looks as though it could seat thousands. Humans and ponies begin to fill the assorted benches, chairs, couches, beds, stools, and generally every invention designed to be sat upon, even some that aren't. Here at the top, commanding a great view of not only the screen but the crowd as well, sit a group of ponies dressed in bright colored cloaks, each with a golden @ embroidered on the back (although some with a silver % or a bronze +). As you find a seat among friends, the mods stand and cast a silence over the crowd. They announce the night's features, and bid everyone a good show. At a sign, shutters close over the tavern windows, plunging the ampitheater into darkness. The mods sit back down, or leave their lofty post to mingle with the viewers. The silence is lifted. A fanfare plays and a studio logo appears on the screen.

And then the movie begins…