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Shizuka Kamishima

Developer // Community Manager

Twin Cities, MN

  • IRC moderation since 2007
  • Broad programming expertise
  • Enthusiastic fast learner
  • Highly adaptable


User Interaction

  • Extended experience interacting with users as IRC moderator
  • High comment karma on Reddit for insight into widely varied user questions
  • Maintains friendly atmosphere throughout interaction
  • Tries to identify and address core issues as fast as possible
  • Understands and explains complex concepts by drilling through abstractions



  • Built some simple CMS platforms for previous generations of this site
  • Created Wordpress plugins for site administration
  • Solid understanding of HTTP requests and serverside handling
  • Limited database experience with PHP

Web Frontend

  • Extensive experience building simple sites like This Vortal Cord
  • Languages: HTML, CSS, SASS, Markdown
  • Some use of CSS Transitions
  • Advanced experience with Jekyll static site generator
  • Limited JavaScript experience

Web Backend

  • Solid understanding of OSI stack
  • Working knowledge of DNS, routing and switching protocols, network design
  • Have operated own Linux web server with Apache and nginx
  • Limited experience in database administration

Version Control

  • Git used for development projects
  • Experience mostly in GitHub Desktop GUI
  • Understanding of backend mechanics of distributed version control
  • Prior experience using Mercurial and SVN

Microsoft Office

  • Advanced experience in Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Limited usage since 2010
  • Typically use Markdown for documents, Google Sheets for spreadsheets


  • Built simple countdown timer script using Moment.js
  • Understanding of JS object composition
  • Exposure to Node.js, no experience yet in using it
  • Built AJAX page content retrieval script before experience in PHP

Interface Design

  • Prefer simple layouts with minimal embellishment
  • Have designed CSS layouts with simple columns, not grids
  • Limited experience with responsive design


Bronystate front page


Technical Supervisor / 2011-present

Bronystate is an IRC community for the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom (bronies), founded in May 2011. Their focus is video streaming, with movies on weekends and live streams of new episodes during the season. They boast a vibrant, global userbase, reaching tens of thousands annually.


World of Minecraft front page

World of Minecraft

Moderator / 2010-2011

World of Minecraft was a Minecraft Classic server network, before the addition of multiplayer to the Alpha version of the game. They maintained several servers that attracted many talented builders. During peak hours, there would be hundreds of players from around the world.

The IRC community fell apart in late 2011, and the site legacy was carried on by some former staff. It exists today as a community focused on one server.


  • Oversaw hundreds of simultaneous users in Minecraft Classic
  • Used staff inspection tools to detect and revert damage to user creations
  • Interacted with regular community members on IRC

Gamer Haus forums

Goon Haven

Community Architect / 2009-2010

Goon Haven was one of several Tribes 2 server communities to appear shortly after the release of TribesNext in early 2009, rapidly becoming the most consistently populated server in the list for the duration of the game's revival.

When Tribes 2's popularity declined between 2010-2012, the site rebranded as Gamer Haus and branched out to hosting other games and groups. The site exists now as a frontend for their Discord chat server.


  • Fast-paced game server administration of up to 64 simultaneous players
  • Established clear community rules, which remained long after my departure
  • Founded community IRC channel, including setup of IRC services
  • Helped testing IRC bot that integrated with game server
  • Helped testing experimental Tribes 2 game mods

Volunteer Work

  • Wrote book review for My Little Brony: An Unofficial Novel About The Magic of Friendship at publisher request
  • Assisted in early draft editing for Minecraft For Kids by Packt Publishing, though the project seems to have been abandoned
  • Reimaged a few dozen workstations at The Saint Paul Foundation