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Bronystate 3.0 Postmortem

I'd grumbled since late 2012 that we needed to drop Wordpress in favor of something much simpler that everyone on staff could understand, but the massive stress such a project would entail was too much for me to do alone again. I had maintained that I would not undertake designing a Bronystate 3.0 unless I were paid for the job… Read more

The Talos Time Capsules

Nearly everything on this planet, from the surface of the earth to the composition of the atmosphere itself, has been shaped by life. It's a process that takes millions of years. But we humans, with our technology, with our understanding and manipulation of systems, have changed everything in just a few centuries. I think that's also part of what makes us human. We reshape the world in our image. It's how we create ourselves.

And how we destroy ourselves. Read more

being an edge case

asuka 1.0

It starts in 2010, when I purchased a Gateway DX-4320 from Amazon to replace my underpowered Dell desktop, Kimiko. Asuka was to be more future-proof, with more memory, much more hard drive space, a better processor than ever before, and at last a graphics card that wasn't the bottom-most in its class. I discovered the memory couldn't be upgraded any further, and the GPU was still mid-grade at best, but it ran everything I could throw at it and kept soldiering on. It had Windows 7 out of the box, a much appreciated upgrade from Kimiko's Vista, even… Read more